Reclaimed from educational institutions around the country, Gym Flooring can be re-installed as is, with the color schemes creating a random and playful reminder of its source. This hard maple flooring was originally produced in the USA and supported athletic facilities and functions for decades. It includes often bold paint colors representative of each school. Our Crisp Gym Flooring grade sees the planks sanded clean for those who want a fresh look, but reclaimed wood. Limited quantities are available.

Color & Character

Along with the original finish, various accent colors ranging from black to white, grey, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, brown and red are left intact on this extremely durable grade. Batched by source, expect single widths with some gaps and over wood as heavy traffic areas of the original floor encountered more wear/tear. Between the paint, natural shades of pale yellows to warm golds are typical of this wood.

Available As

  • Solid Flooring
  • Solid Plank Paneling

Solid Dimensions

Thickness 1"
Widths 1.5" & 2.25" Planks
Lengths 1–6' Random

Engineered Dimensions



0 500 1000 1500 2000
Low Traffic High Traffic


Gym Flooring is reclaimed from educational institutions across the USA. Many of these institutions are updating/redesigning their facilities. Go to Unearth the Story for interesting places we've found wood. Visit Unearth the Story for more.



Most of our solid and eco-friendly engineered flooring is available unfinished or prefinished. Prefinish includes hand applied oil and wax or factory applied aluminum oxide which requires a micro bevel on each piece of flooring. Scratches that occur on a floor finished with oil and wax can often be lightly sanded out. Reapply oil and wax after sanding and let cure.

  • Spills of any kind should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Broom clean for regular maintenance.
  • Consult finish manufacturer for appropriate cleaning instructions.


Our products are made here in the USA, in a way that’s healthy for you, our employees, and the environment. The 13-acre NY facility is 100% wind powered. Our mill and kilns are heated 100% with our scrap wood. Pioneer Millworks is FSC chain of custody certified in three categories and Green America approved. All of our products are LEED point eligible. Check out Earth Shared for details.


Our solid Gym Flooring features original tongue and groove that can be nailed or stapled down.

We suggest ordering an additional 7-12% for most orders to cover trimming and installation waste.

We always recommend using a professional installer and can note a few good ones local to your area.


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